Apply Now

Steps to Apply

  1. Send us your contact info and acknowledgement of student missionary requirements and terms by filling out this pre-application form.
  2. You will receive a link via email to our official online application which is housed at an affiliate website. Make sure to select "Go Now Missions" as the Organization you are applying to on that form.
  3. Submit 4 personal references (included in the application).
  4. Submit your most recent unofficial college transcript via email, mail, or fax. If you are in your first semester of college and do not have a transcript, send an email to and let us know.
  5. Interview with your BSM or local Baptist church.

After completing the above steps, your application file will be reviewed and, if approved, you'll be invited to Discovery Day for Christmas and Spring or Discovery Weekend for Summer, Impact, and Fall.


If you are interested in a Campus Missionary Intern (CMI or CMC3) opportunity, follow the link below to apply instead of using this form. Bookmark that page in your browser, as it has information you'll need to refer back to.

Campus Missionary Application