Fajita Feed

No, we aren't feeding fajitas. We are feeding students. About 1,800 of them, in the middle of campus, at lunch time, on the first day of the semester. The Father has blessed the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) to be a part of its official "Welcome Week" activities, and Fajita Feed is one of the biggest!

At 9 a.m., the BSM at UTD staff and student leaders began setting up tables and tents and carrying cartloads of water bottles and cookies. We were also blessed with the Texas Baptist Men, who came with the food, and volunteers from local churches who helped serve up lunch so our student leaders were free to mingle with their peers waiting in line or sitting down eating lunch. From my place at the BSM info table, I was constantly encouraged as I stood up and saw our students in conversation with others.

One particularly memorable moment occurred after I asked one of our leaders to go talk to a student I noticed sitting alone eating his lunch. After asking, I moved on to something else, and then about twenty minutes later I looked around and noticed that the two were still in conversation. Another of our students was more fired up about giving away the New Testament Bibles the Gideons brought us than I think I've ever seen before. I would predict she alone gave away at least fifty Bibles, and the students receiving them seemed genuinely excited too.

This was our third annual Fajita Feed, and it is always a crazy event, with the business of a new semester, new schedules new students who don't know where anything is or what's going on, and the slightly ridiculous heat of North Texas in August. But it starts the semester out well for us, giving BSM the opportunity to say, "This is who we are," to the campus, and giving our student leaders opportunities to share the Gospel and God's love through food and fellowship.

Kinsey Cline is a campus missionary intern at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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