We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. Need to know something else? Email us!

Applying for a Position

Q: How do I apply?

Complete online application, submit 4 personal references, submit most recent unofficial college transcript via email or mail, and interview with your BSM or local Baptist church.

Complete the online application by clicking here. Make sure to select Go Now Missions as the organization you are applying to on the application.

If applying for a campus missionary intern position you will apply by clicking here. Your process is different than other students. Please follow the instructions on this separate site and bookmark this other page so you can come back to it for future reference.

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Q: What is discovery weekend?

The purpose of Discovery Weekend is to give you a place to listen and “discover” your next step in missions. You will be in a retreat setting with other students from across Texas who also have a heart for missions. Discovery Weekend will include great worship and teaching times, small group interaction, a mission fair and your individual interview. Our goal is to get to know you well so that we can place you in a mission position that is the right next step for you in missions.

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Q: What if I cannot attend Discovery Weekend?

There will be a late interview for students who are unable to attend Discovery Weekend. However, you will only be considered for positions not filled at Discovery Weekend.

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Q: How do I choose a mission project?

Begin with prayer. Ask God to open your heart and mind to the people he is calling you to. Say "yes" to Him, before you know the "who, what or where" of your service. In Isaiah 6:8 it says, "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?' And I said, 'Here am I. Send me!'" Isaiah said "yes" without knowing any of the details! After you say "yes," begin to think about "who, what, and where."

Who? God calls us to people not places. Are you called to reach children, college students, those living in poverty, those who have never heard? What group do you have a passion to reach for Christ?

What? Begin to think about the gifts, abilities and experiences the Lord has given you. These can be indications of the type of ministry for which God has already prepared you. Then think about how you can use these gifts to reach the group for which you are most passionate.

Where? The location is the least important part of your mission position. Would you be just as willing to minister to the African immigrant in New York City as you would be to minister to them in Senegal? Or would you be just as willing to feed the homeless in Calcutta, India as you would be to feed the homeless in Houston, Texas? With all of this in mind, begin to prayerfully read through the list of opportunities. Let the Spirit lead you to the opportunities that best fit your passions and gifts. You will list three positions on your application. At Discovery Weekend you will have a chance to read more details about the mission opportunities you see on the positions list. At the conclusion of Discovery Weekend, you will list your top three choices. Then, the Go Now Missions committee will meet to place students in positions that fit their passions and gifts.

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Q: What can I expect during my BSM or local church interview?

The primary purpose of a local interview is to offer support and encouragement as you seek God's best for you in exploring mission opportunities. The interview is a chance for you to verbalize your sense of God's direction and where you are in your personal spiritual growth and ministry. Also, the local committee ensures you meet the qualifications. The interview is not an opportunity to "trap” or “trick" you and keep you from serving, but rather to have another group of people involved in your support.

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Q: How many college credit hours do I need?

The Positions List will indicate not college hours. but classification. It may say "Sophomore or above" for a project. This would mean at the time of application, you must be in your second year of college, after high school, to serve on that project. College hours do not count, only years spent in college. Junior or above would mean you are in your third year of college. Senior or above, in your fourth year of college or a recent graduate. Any other special requirements will also be listed for each position.

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Q: Can college seniors, graduate, or seminary students apply?

Yes. College graduates may apply up to 6 months after graduation. Current graduate and seminary students are also encouraged to apply.

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Q: Can a former Go Now missionary reapply?

Yes! We have a new application. If you served before, you will need to complete a new application. If you would like a copy of your old application sent to you, email gonowmissions@texasbaptists.org. 

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Q: Can graduating high school seniors apply?

Go Now Missions currently does not have any positions for high school students. You must have completed at least one semester of college after high school graduation to serve as a Christmas missionary or a full year of college after high school graduation to serve as a Summer or Impact Missionary. We look forward to serving alongside you in the future!

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Q: How long will I serve?

Length of service varies for each type of project. The specific dates for each location are indicated on the positions list. Generally:

  • Summer Missionaries serve 8-10 weeks between the end of May and early August.
  • Impact Team Missionaries serve 2-4 weeks between the end of May and early August.
  • Semester Missionaries serve 4-10 months.
  • Campus Missionaries serve 10 months between mid July and mid May.
  • Christmas Break Missionaries serve 10-21 days between mid December and mid January.

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Q: What if I am not a Baptist?

Opportunities are available for non-Baptist students, too. If a project is for Baptist students only, it is indicated on the list of opportunities. Students who are not members of Baptist churches must be active in their campus Baptist Student Ministry.

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Q: When do I need to talk to my parents?

Now! The sooner the better! Don't surprise them the day your application is due. Remember that your parents are taking a step of faith too. You need to give them time to think and pray about your decision. If parents have questions they are free to call the Go Now office. You might also point them to the parent page of this web site.

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Q: When will I get my appointment?

Within 2 weeks of Discovery Weekend or Discovery Day, you will receive an email with your mission appointment. You will have a few days to pray and consider the appointment before accepting or declining the invitation.

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Getting Ready to Go

Q: What can I do to prepare?

Develop your personal spiritual life and be involved in a ministry with people in your campus community. Missions does not start when you get on the plane to go, but rather now, where you are. Your BSM Director and/or University Minister will be more than willing to direct you to campus ministry opportunities. Specific preparations for your mission position will be sent to you upon appointment.

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Q: Will I have a partner?

Most likely, yes. In some instances there may be a team of students assigned together. A few positions are without a partner. If your partner is also a Go Now missionary, you will receive their contact information after Discovery Weekend. Sometimes you will be partnered with students from other states. In some cases, an adult coordinator also accompanies the team.

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Q: How much money will I need to raise?

You will find the required fundraising amount listed for each position on the positions list. You only have to raise a portion of the total cost of your trip. BSM's all across the state work hard throughout the year to raise funds to offset the additional cost. Fellow Texas students are sending you on mission!

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Q: What are Partners in Missions?

Every student who serves as a Go Now missionary is asked to enlist at least 25 Partners in Missions. Partners in Missions are friends, church members and family members who agree to support you through prayer, encouragement, and/or financially.

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Q: What costs are covered by Go Now and my fundraising?

All costs for transportation to and from the field of service, meals, lodging, local transportation, insurance, orientation & debriefing materials, visas, and required immunizations are covered. Your passport application fee is not paid for by Go Now.

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Q: Will I receive a salary while serving as a missionary?

No. You will receive lots of eternal benefits but no direct salary. All basic expenses are paid by Go Now Missions: travel, food, lodging, insurance, and personal supplies. The only additional money you will need will be for sightseeing, souvenirs, long distance phone calls, internet use, etc.

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Q: Who will handle travel arrangements?

Go Now Missions will handle all travel arrangements.

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Q: Is orientation required?

Yes! Orientation is required for all missionaries. Orientation prepares you with the general skills and information needed to serve.

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On the Mission Field

Q: Who will be my supervisor?

Go Now Missions staff will always be available for the student. However, throughout the time of service, the student will work directly with missionaries or staff who live on the field. In the USA, the field supervisor will be a career home missionary, associational director of missions, or a local pastor. Internationally, the field supervisor will be a career international missionary or local Baptist union.

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Q: What about insurance while I am on the field?

Our goal for you during your term of service is that you be taken care of thoroughly but in a cost-efficient manner. Under the Health Care Law, you are required to be covered by an insurance policy through the Healthcare Marketplace or have other primary insurance coverage. Lack of personal insurance will not prevent you from serving, but you must be prepared to cover medical expenses.

For those serving in the US, the insurance coverage we provide while on the field will be your secondary coverage and only covers accidents/injuries. Your personal insurance will be your primary coverage. Treatment for prior illness or accident is not covered by the secondary coverage. You will be covered by an additional accidental policy taken out by Go Now Missions through the company HSR, Inc. (maximum $5000 accidental.) You will receive an insurance card from Go Now before you leave for the field. You will need to keep the card in your billfold/purse the entire term of service in case you have a medical need. Go Now Missions will cover co-pays and medications for illness or injuries that occur on the field that are not covered by your primary insurance. Go Now does not cover the cost of routine medications you take. Please take a full supply of those prescriptions or medications with you.

For those serving internationally, the insurance will cover both medical and accidental. The insurance coverage we provide for you while on the field will be your secondary coverage. It is not intended to replace any primary personal insurance that you have. Treatment for prior illness or accident is not covered.

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Q: What happens if there is an emergency?

Go Now Missions staff are available to parents and students at any time. If for some reason there is an emergency at home or on the field, we are always able to communicate with the students and will do whatever is necessary in that particular situation.

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Q: Are visits from family or friends permitted?

Visits to the field of service by parents are discouraged. Ten weeks is such a short period of time that visits to the field would be a distraction to the work of the student missionary. Any planned visit to the field should be cleared by both Go Now Missions and the local field supervisor of the student missionary. Visits from friends and boyfriend/girlfriends are strictly not allowed. Exceptions for family visits are made for semester missionaries.

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